Fangtooth Respirators are acquired through the shop or found in Lakes or Anthropus camps level 7 or higher. They are required in order to train Fangtooth in Training Troops level 10 or higher.

In the Shop:Edit

Fangtooth Respirators may be puchased in the shop in amounts of 1000 for 30 Rubies each.

In the Wilderness:Edit

They can be found in amounts of 100 and 500 in the wilderness when Lakes level 7+ are conquered. Chances of acquiring them are slim, but to increase your chances of recieving them from a battle, try conquering Lakes at level 9 or 10. *

Anthropus Camps:Edit

Fangtooth Respirators can be recieved as a drop from level 7+ Anthropus camps in drops of either 100 or 500, but as per above, chances of acquiring are slim. to increase your chances of getting them, conquer camps above level 7, or attack numerous camps at once.*