Aerial Combat

"Train your dragon to participate in attacks. Each upgrade increases your Dragon's attack abilities."

The Aerial Combat research is very vague and I hope to elucidate some of its effects with my experiences with it thus far. Aerial combat reduces the amount of time your Dragon needs to recover after each battle. With higher levels of Aerial Combat, you can also continue sending your Dragon on attacks with lower fractions of its total health, making it easier to farm for items such as Dragon Eggs.

The following table is approximate data I have collected thus far with my experiences attacking LEVEL 7-8 Wilderness Locations with my Great Dragon in my attempts to find a water/stone dragon egg. Before attacking with my Great Dragon I completely cleared the location with many waves of troops, sending my dragon with the final wave. I have also noted that Elemental Dragons seem to require more time to heal after a given battle than the Great Dragon, but both elemental and great dragons have the same maximum heal time with which they can be sent to attack.

NOTE: Even if a wilderness or camp is completely empty, time will still be added to the Dragon's recovery bar. It can be assumed the time will be longer if there are enemies present and the Great Dragon takes damage. I once sent my Great Dragon alone to a wilderness that had only regenerated slightly and this added approximately 4 hours to her recovery time. This is data in progress and I will add to it as I can.

Aerial Combat



Time *

Consecutive attacks

before Dragon must rest

(Starting with full health)

Time added to

recovery bar per battle

1 3 hr 1 1 hr, 10 min
2 5 hr 3 1 hr, 5 min
3 8 hr 4 1hr
4 10 hr 5-6 50 min
5 17 hr 8 45 min
6 23 hr 12 39 min
7 1d 22 hr
8 7d 16hr

Research Time: Note that research time for Aerial Combat does not double each level as with most research paths.